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Welcome to! I enjoy producing funny graphics for the public.
This site contains Animated Emoticons, Website Animations, e-mail Animations, Desktop Icons, Wallpapers, Clipart, Animated Photos and more...

Hello my friends:
Through the last years I have been ongoing difficulties with funding Livepencil.
Now I can no longer pay for the hosting expenses.
It really hurts me in the deepest of my heart since I love Livepencil so much.
I have spent such an enormous amount of time, work, love and ilusion on it.

Thank you for your support all these years, nine years in all.
I love you all !!!

Scroll down to see a SAMPLE of what it was like.

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Alphabets and Live Text

Writing your Emotions


Desktop Icons

Just for Fun

These graphics are for personal use only. Not for commercial use without permission.
Do not offer to others, add to any other graphic collection or alter in any way.

Ramon Gonzalez Teja, illustrator and graphic designer
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Animated Emoticons from Live Pencil. Very funny graphics by Ramon G. Teja. Welcome to! I enjoy producing funny graphics for the public; this site contains Animated Emoticons for windows, Animated Emoticons for Macintosh, windows desktop icons, Macintosh desktop icons, windows desktop wallpaper, Macintosh desktop wallpaper, website animations, e-mail animations, web page clipart, e-mail clipart and animated photos.